The Philosophy Department offers the BA, MA, and PhD degrees in philosophy and is composed of nine full-time faculty, approximately 25 graduate students, and approximately 75 undergraduate students. Although the Department's bent is generally analytic, our course offerings cover a broad range and include continental philosophy, every major period in the history of western philosophy, and most of the major subfields of contemporary philosophy. Our areas of special concentration are the philosophy of mind, epistemology, and philosophy of religion.

Leave your preconceptions about the value of philosophy courses and a philosophy degree at the door! Philosophy delivers highly marketable, highly transferable skills. If your ideal career requires thinking, talking, or writing, taking philosophy will help you prepare.

Graduate School? Philosophy majors have long had the highest average score on the verbal reasoning and analytical writing sections of the GRE, the standardized test for graduate school.

Business School? Philosophy majors outperform all but physics and math majors on the GMAT, the standardized test for graduate business schools.

Law School? Only physics and math majors do better than philosophy majors on the LSAT, the standardized law school exam.

Medical School? Statistics have shown that a higher percentage of philosophy majors get into medical school than any other major!

Close/Extensive Reading Open-mindedness
Curiosity Oratory Skills
Deductive Reasoning Problem Solving
Interest in Pursuing/Exploring & Explaining Intangiable Ideas Self-Discipline
Logical Communication Theory Development
Objectivity Work Independently

American Association of Philosophy Teachers

American Association of University Professors

American Philosophical Association - Promotes the exchange of ideas among the philosophy community to facilitate the professional work within the discipline. Learn about jobs as well as career information.

American Society for Bioethics and Humanities - Again this organization promotes the sharing of ideas while posting jobs and career information.

National Humanities Alliance

Scholars at Risk Network

The Society for Women in Philosophy

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