According to the University of Arkansas, "Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS), [is] an interdisciplinary area and ethnic studies program in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas. The LALS program provides in-depth exposure to the key geographic regions, historical trajectories, social modes, languages, and political, economic, and cultural systems of Latin America and the Latino U.S.

Latin American and Latino Studies draws primarily on History and Political Science, Anthropology, Art History, Sociology, English, Economics, Music, and Language, Literature and Culture. Students may combine a LALS co-major (21 credit hours) or minor (15 credit hours) with a major in another field, in order to enhance their preparedness for employment with government, service agencies, corporations and enterprises dealing with Latin America and the Hispanic U.S., for teaching or international careers, or in preparation for other advanced degrees."

An ability to think analytically and critically

The capacity to write effectively, clearly, and persuasively

An ability to identify, evaluate, and use information effectively

Knowledge of research methods used in the social sciences and humanities

Foreign language skills to achieve a level of basic communication

Knowledge of other cultures

Research/Analytical skills

Interpersonal/Cross-cultural skills

Organizational skills

Communication skills

Listening Critically

Team working skills


Creative Thinking

Critical Thinking

Planning and Budgeting

Time Management

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