According to the Department of History at University of Arkansas, "History is the study of the past - both the official records of crowned rulers and sovereign states, as well as the vernacular accounts of those who have often been rendered, by presumption and sometimes violence, voiceless. It is the study, across time and place, of narratives and counter-narratives captured and preserved in a variety of "textual" sources - written, oral, and visual media; spontaneous actions, structured performances, and ritual enactments; sites and spaces, profane and sacred objects. It is the study of mass movements and isolated action, commodities and fads, production and reception, enslavement and liberation, sexuality and gender, art and obscenity, faith and heresy, empire and revolution, genocide and humanism, discovery and delusion, conformity and transgression, reading, writing, and telling. If the past is a "foreign country," it is also a window onto the present, and sometimes a cautionary tale for the future."

Administration & Legislation Federal Bureau of Investigation Police & Fire Protection
Advertising Health & Human Services Political Parties
Broadcasting Housing & Community Development Public Interest Groups
Bureau of the Census Legislators Research Foundations
Business & Industry Library Schools & Universities
Campaigns Media Social & Welfare Services
Central Intelligence Agency Museums & Archives State & Local Governments
Corrections & Court Systems Paralegal Profession Transportation
Department of the State Parks & Recreation Travel & Tour Services
Education Peace Corps/Vista
Analyzing Ideas & Information Examining Evidence Interpreting Information & Seeing Relationships
Decision Making Explaining Ideas Perspective
Developing a World View Explaining the Past with the Present Writing & Presenting

American Historical Association - is a professional association for historians. They have a variety of information on what to do with your major in history, job listings and job perspectives.

American Alliance of Museums

American Association for State & Local History

Association for Living History, Farm, an Agricultural Museums

National Council for History Education - provides professional development for teachers and historians, along with a federal level advocacy program. They even have conferences across the nation and councils.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Organization of American Historians

Society for American Archaeology

Society for History Education

Society of American Archivists

United States Census Bureau

World History Association

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