According to the University of Arkansas, "The Department of Geology was established in 1887 at the University of Arkansas. The Bachelor of Science degree is a professional program placing emphasis on mathematics and physics and requires students to participate in a summer field geology course either at the departmental camp in southwestern Montana or at another approved facility.

The Department of Geology has all necessary equipment and facilities to introduce the undergraduate to the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the earth. Investigations take place at scales varying from microscopic examination of rock textures to structural analysis of the earth's crust based on satellite images. The faculty also take advantage of the natural laboratory available within the state and adjacent areas. Spring break field trips provide opportunities to view and to learn about regional geology outside of Arkansas. Field trip experiences provide a frame of reference for further classroom laboratory studies. Most geology classes also take field trips in the Ozarks, the Ouachitas, the Arkoma Basin, or the coastal plain.

Students wishing to become practicing professional geologists should hold the Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. It is further recognized that practicing professional geologists typically hold a Master of Science degree."

Define Research Problems Field Sampling Prepare Technical Reports
Design Equipment & Simulations Observe, Gather & Analyze Data Review Scientific Literature
Develop Research Models/Proposals Identify Materials/Specimens See Relationships in Factors
Draw Meaningful Conclusions Maintain Records Summarize Research
Establish Hypothesis Mathematical Modeling Use Technical Instruments
Establish/Control Designs Measure Distances & Relationships Utilize Math Formulas
Evaluate Ideas Perform Calculations

American Geological Institute Careers in Geosciences - Provides beneficial information on the different types of careers in Geosciences.

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