According to the University of Arkansas, "The Geography Program offers an undergraduate major leading to a Bachelor of Arts in geography. Students may choose either the normal geography degree program or the concentration in cartography and remote-sensing GIS. The program also offers two minors: geography or historic preservation.

Undergraduates who wish to major in geography should identify themselves to the department as soon as possible in order that they may develop a meaningful sequence of courses and take part in departmental activities. Those interested in the graduate program should consult the Graduate School Catalog."

Project Development Interpersonal Research/Analysis Communication
Plan Long-term Projects Interview Skills Gather, Organize & Examine Data Summarize Results
Develop Project Designs Understand Group Dynamics Conduct Field Studies Write Clearly
Write Grant Proposals Observe Human Interactions Apply Non-Invasive Methods Present/Defend Position
Evaluation Recognize Similarities Computer Modeling Communicate Points
Maintain Records Surveying & Sampling Utilize Statistical Applications Understand Societies
Identify Value Systems Read/Construct Maps/Graphs

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