According to the Department of English at the University of Arkansas, "The Department of English offers four degrees and an online certificate. Students can take courses in African American, Arab American, U.S. Latina/Latino, Native American, postcolonial and southern literatures, as well as in creative writing and translation, film and media studies, gender and sexuality studies, rhetoric and composition, digital humanities, service-learning and a constantly changing list of period- and genre-specific topics."

Program Directors Editor, Publications Novelist
Actor/Actress Editor, Writer Poet
Administrative Coordinator Entertainment Agent Camera Operators, Television, Video, & Motion Picture
Broadcast Technicians ESL Teacher Marketing Managers
Copywriter Marriage & Family Therapists Audio-Visual & Multimedia Collections Specialists
Technical Directors/Managers Foreign Correspondent Editors
Artist Directors- Stage, Motion Pictures, Television, & Radio Property Manager
Area, Ethnic, & Cultural Studies Teachers Fundraiser Adult Education Teacher
Attorney Communications Teachers Public Relations Specialist
Author Hearing Officer Public Relations and Fundraising Managers
Financial Managers Fashion Designers Desktop Publishers
Editor, Newspaper Human Resource Specialist Teacher Assistants
Book Critic Title Examiners, Abstractors, & Searchers Education Administrators
Business Manager Humorist/Comedian Radio-TV Commentator
Library Assistants Academic Advisor Instructional Coordinators
Library Science Teachers Insurance Agent Administrative Services Managers
College Professor Interior Designer Producers
Broadcast News Analysts Interpreter & Translator Proofreaders & Copy Markers
Interviewers Counseling Psychologists Survey Researchers
Event Planners Executive Administrative Assistants Retail Sales
Legislators Labor Relations Specialist Sales Representative
Patient Representatives Account Representative Air Traffic Controllers
Eligibility Interviewers Legal Assistant Appraisers, Real Estate
Set & Exhibit Designers Librarian Singer/Voice
Foreign Language & Literature Teachers Library Technicians Social Worker
Advertising & Promotions Managers Loan Officer Special Education Teacher
Curator Lobbyist Sports Writer
Documentation Specialist Training & Development Managers Sales Agent
Editor, Film/Video Manuscript Reader Technical Writer
Editor, Magazine Marketing Specialist Training Specialist
Editor, News Medical Records Underwriter
Clarifying Ideas Making Oral Presentations
Comparing Interpretations Oral & Written Communication Skills
Creative Writing Presenting Alternative View Points
Developing Hypotheses Problem Solving
Editing Skills Summarizing Ideas
Influencing & Persuading Thinking Independently

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