According to the University of Arkansas, "Classical studies are the oldest discipline in the humanities and will teach you a lot about why our world is the way it is. Based on the Greek and Latin literature, the Classics remain essential to many fields in the liberal arts, including the study of ancient art, architecture, history, mythology, and philosophy. Based on Greek and Latin literature, the program draws faculty from five different departments. In addition to Greek and Latin, courses are offered on various aspects of classical civilization. Study abroad options in Greek and Italy are available."

Analysis Skills Independent
Comfortable with Unconventional Topics Knowledge of Specific Languages (At Times)
Communication (Oral & Written) Reading Skills
Comprehend Philosophy & Literature Research/Investigative Skills
Follow Deadlines Understanding of Different Cultures & Societies
Imagination Work Well Under Pressure

Famae Volent - An Interactive Website Devoted to the Classics & Archaeology Job Market.

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National Committee for Latin and Greek - learn about Classics news, find fun and interesting facts, figures and resources. Explore the site to learn more about Latin and Greek and how you can be successful with this major too.

Society for Classical Studies - provides information about the study of Greek and Roman languages, literature, and civilization, as well as education information, awards and professional matters.

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