Today, at nearly 422 million speakers, Arabic is one of six official languages of the United Nations and the fifth most spoken language in the world. By learning Arabic, you unlock a world of career opportunities in a region with large market opportunities and high potential for rapid growth. Arabic is also an increasingly important language in global politics, government, business, engineering, humanitarian work, agriculture, and many other disciplines. Regardless of your academic interests or declared major, having Arabic language skills gives you that extra edge on the job market, bringing you closer to an international career. Our alumni currently work in the State Department and in American embassies in the Arab world. Learn more about our alumni.

Our Arabic program boasts world-class faculty who represent the diverse regions and dialects of the Arab world. Passionate about teaching the language and culture, our faculty go the extra mile to make classes both fun and educational. Our classes are tight-knit communities that students look forward to every day.



Foreign Language





Analytical Thinking

Attention to Detail

Time Management

Writing Skills

Active Learning

Speaking to groups

Reading/writing another language

Clarifying ideas

Writing clearly

Understanding historical language change

Explaining complex concepts

Reading critically

Interpreting data

Evaluating informationEvaluating evidence

Evaluating evidence

Comparing translations interpretations

Gathering information

Working with original sources in many fields

Organizing materials/information

Summarizing ideas

Compiling/recording data

Evaluating results

Collaborating as part of a team

Determining the needs of others

Acknowledging value systems

Listening carefully

Interviewing non-judgmentally

Designing instruments

Reporting and editing

Establishing hypotheses

Reading for content and structure

Working with research subjects

Communicating between cultures

Understanding cultural diversity

Assessing needs

Adapting to other cultures

Weighing values

Basic Computer Skills

Language Fluency

Analytical/Critical Thinking


Attention to Detail

Written Communication

Cultural Understanding

Social Perceptiveness

Teaching/Instructing Others


Expressing Ideas

Speaking Effectively

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