According to the Civil Engineering department at University of Arkansas, "Civil engineers design and maintain the infrastructure that supports our civilization. The world around us is constantly developing and changing. Cities are expanding, new transportation systems are emerging and natural refuges are being restored. Civil engineers guide this development and supervise complex interactions between nature and technology. In addition to promoting development, civil engineers also study our impact on the environment and develop methods for protecting our natural resources, such as constructing bike and walking paths for cities, finding new methods to produce and use renewable energy, and helping to manage the effects of pollution."

Architect Maintenance Director
Associate Engineer Manufacturing Technician
City Engineer Military Civil Engineer
Civil Engineer Mining Engineer
Civil Engineering Analyst Ocean Engineer
Compliance Officer Professor
Construction Inspector Project Engineer
Construction Manager Structural Engineer
Consultant Structural Plan Examiner
Contractor Structural Researcher
Design Engineer Surveyor
Director of Public Works Technical Sales Associate
Disaster Assistance Programs Chief Technical Writer
Engineering Construction Inspector Telecommunications Specialist
Engineering Supervisor Traffic Analyst
Environmental Engineer Traffic Engineer
Field Engineer Transportation Engineer
Geotechnical Engineer Urban Planning Engineer
GIS Data Analyst Utilities Specialist
Highway Design Engineer Water Resources Engineer
Hydrologic Plant Manager Water Waste Engineer
Loss Prevention Consultant Writer/Editor
Able to Work in a Group Setting Communication Skills (Oral & Written) Knowledge of Basic Concepts in Leadership
Analysis Skills Drive to Solve Complex Problems Recognition of Need to Engage in Lifelong Learning
Background in Engineering Principles & Design Ethical Decision Making Skills Understanding of Public Policy and Societal Issues

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