According to the University of Arkansas, "Professional nursing begins with a Bachelor of Science degree. Nursing education offers a research base for nursing practice that promotes the ability of the nurse to effect change needed to improve health. In the study of professional nursing, the student builds on a planned general education for the academic disciplines and acquires theoretical and specific knowledge to meet health care needs. In addition, the curriculum provides opportunity for students with technical nursing education to expand their knowledge and scope of practice. The baccalaureate program establishes a foundation for graduate education in nursing and for continued personal and professional development. The curriculum provides the student with a theoretical base to practice professional nursing with diverse clients in various settings through the roles of caregiver, manager, and teacher. The program of study has been designed to emphasize one or more of these roles in each nursing course."

Able to Instruct Others Critical Thinking Monitoring
Active Listening Dependability Oral/Written Communication & Comprehension
Adaptability/Flexibility Independent Social Perceptiveness
Attention to Detail Initiative Stress Tolerance
Concern for Others Integrity Time Management

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