According to the Accounting department at the University of Arkansas, "a major in accounting is preparation for success in the business world. Every business needs accounting help, whether it is the largest retail company in the world, a small family-owned enterprise, an agency for the homeless, or a musical group touring the country. The accounting major provides an excellent foundation for a variety of careers."

Adapt Well with Frequent Change

Critical Thinking Skills

Organized & Efficient

Analytical Abilities

Numerical Computation Excellence

Problem Solving Skills

Communication Skills (Oral & Written)

Organization Skills

Team Worker

Accounting Careers

Accounting Career Guide - Created based on the idea that aspiring CPAs and other accounting professionals need a comprehensive resource that makes the world of accounting and finance understandable and accessible. All too often these topics are presented at a level beyond the scope of understanding of those just beginning to explore these complex concepts. Just as often, these topics are presented at an elementary level that lacks the depth and breadth necessary to convey the information readers need to gain a full understanding.

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