According to the University of Arkansas's Animal Science program,

"Animal Science is the science and management of domestic livestock, including beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, sheep, swine and companion animals.

The animal science major offers three areas of concentration designed to provide the scientific and technical education to prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility. Students gain valuable experience pertaining to the production of beef and dairy cattle, swine, horses, sheep, and companion animals. In addition, extensive study is offered in the specialized areas of animal health, breeding and genetics, meat science, nutrition, and physiology.

Students majoring in animal science are prepared for a variety of careers. Pre-veterinary, pre-medical, and pre-professional course requirements may be fulfilled while meeting degree requirements. Specific career opportunities include positions and services related to the production, merchandising, processing and distribution of meat, milk, and related products. Additional opportunities include field persons, farm and herd managers, and other agribusiness-related positions. With additional academic training, animal science majors may become extension livestock specialists, nutritionists, geneticists, and physiologists."

Communication Skills (Oral & Written) Love of Animals
Interest in Helping Others Manual Labor Abilities
Knowledge of Agriculture Strong Background in Animal Sciences

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