College of Arts & Sciences Internship or Co-operative Education Process

Before you go

Before you go on an internship, you must locate, apply for, and be offered an internship position. The UA Career Development Center can help you with this process. We can help you determine what you are looking for from an internship, show you where to look for one, teach you how to apply effectively, and help you accept your offer(s). If you would like to meet with a career coach, schedule an appointment. To get more information about how to find internships, go to Career Development Center's website.

Once you have identified, applied and been offered an internship, you will need to complete these 2 forms: Internship Course Application and Learning Objectives Form. Email Dr. Deb Korth (, Instructor of Record for ARSC 310V, with your application and any questions about the course.

After submitting the Internship Course Application and have been accepted into this course, you will be enrolled in ARSC 310V. Check UA Connect to confirm internship class registration. If you do not see this class listed after 2 business days, contact Dr. Deb Korth at

Note: It is strongly discouraged to renege an internship offer that you've already accepted, as it costs employers time and money to recruit and make the offer. It can also put the University's relationship with an employer at risk. Because of this, students who renege an internship offer must withdraw from the course and may not enroll in this course in the future.

For internships being completed during the Fall and/or Spring semesters, contact the following campus offices prior to leaving campus:

  • Financial Aid- contact your financial aid counselor.
  • Housing- call 479-575-4687 and speak with the Assignments Office about your specific housing needs.

While you are away

During your internship, you will be concentrating on transitioning into the workforce and learning how to apply your education in a work setting. This PDF provides some professionalism tips. And to learn more about taking full advantage of your internship, view this LinkedIn Learning video: Turning an Internship into a Job.

Keep track of your tasks and accomplishments while you are at your internship to help you revise your resume and write your reflection paper at the end of the internship experience.

After you return

When you return from your internship, you will want to update your resume to reflect your experience, write your term paper and submit your Student Evaluation Form and Employer's Evaluation Form by the last day of the semester or summer session. Forms and instructions can be found under FINAL.

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