Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences Internship/Co-op Information


  • Students need to have completed 45 hours.
  • Students need to have a 2.5+ cumulative GPA at U. of A., Fayetteville.


  • If you need assistance learning how to find an internship or Co-op experience, contact the Offices of Career Connections and schedule an appointment with a career counselor or view the online presentation available on www.career.uark.edu entitled "Job Search Strategies."
  • Use Handshake to get started looking for a Co-op experience/internship now.
  • If you qualify and have obtained a Co-op experience with an employer, contact your assigned advisor to request Co-op/internship application materials. A list of departmental contacts is listed below:

Department Internship / Coop Contact Phone email

Agriculture Economics / Agribusiness Dr. Nathan Kemper 575-2697 nkemper@uark.edu

Agriculture Education, Communication and Technology Dr. Jill Rucker 575-2035 kjrucker@uark.edu

Animal Science Dr. Lauren Rogers or Dianna Watson 575-4351 Lrt03@uark.edu, dlwatso@uark.edu

Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences Dr. Kristopher Byre - Soils and Environmental Sciences 575-5742 kbrye@uark.edu

Dr. Larry Purcell - Crop Science and Production 575-3983 lpurcell@uark.edu

Dr. Jason Norsworthy - Pest Management 575-8740 jnorswor@uark.edu

Food Science Dr. Jamie Baum 575-4474 baum@uark.edu


Horticulture Dr. Garry V. McDonald 575-8780 gmcdonal@uark.edu

Plant Pathology

Poultry Science Dr. David Caldwell 979-324-0759 caldweld@uark.edu

Human Environmental Sciences Dr. Lance Cheramie - Apparel Merchandising and Product Development 575-6732 cheramie@uark.edu

Dr. Kelly Way - Hospitality 575-4985 kway@uark.edu

Mechelle Bailey - Dietetics 575-6726 Mlb13@uark.edu

Dr. Jennifer Becnel- HDFS 575-2358 becnel@uark.edu

Offices of Career Connections

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BELL 2258




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8am - 5pm

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