According to the University of Arkansas's Poultry Science Program,

"The Department of Poultry Science offers a major in poultry science leading to a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. The department also offers coursework for a minor and a certificate of excellence program.

A major in poultry science is designed to provide the scientific and technical education to prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in the expanding fields of production, processing, marketing, and distribution of meat, eggs, and related poultry products. The curriculum also prepares students for career opportunities in specialized areas of nutrition, breeding, genetics, physiology, management, food science, immunology, and disease."

Ability to analyze data and make decisionsAbility to use scientific equipment associated with the field
CommunicationComplex problem solving
CoordinationCritical thinking
EmailFamiliarity with scientific database software
InstructionLearning strategies
Management of personnel resourcesMathematics
Microsoft officePublic speaking
Quality assuranceResearch skills
Systems evaluationTime management