E2 Series (Engineers Employed) Spring 2015

The Engineers Employed Series or better known as E2 Series, was created by the College of Engineering to ensure that students majoring in Engineering at the University of Arkansas will be better prepared to enter the workforce. Through various professional development workshops and events, UA College of Engineering students will be equipped to face the challenges associated with job searching and find a career that best suits their interests, motivational traits, personality, values, abilities, aptitudes, personal work styles, and work environment preferences.

The E2 Series consists of resume and interview workshops & critiques, company tours, and a few employer/student meet and greets that will allow students the opportunity to interact with local, regional, as well as national employers looking to hire engineers. Students will learn how to create eye-catching resumes, interview effectively, and network with employers that are promoting open positions.

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Professional Portraits for Journalism Seniors

Professional Portraits for Journalism Seniors. Walk-in basis, no appointment necessary.

Fulbright College Career Series

The Fulbright College Career Series includes a number of opportunities for Fulbright College students to become more competitive candidates for employment and graduate programs. The series consists of resume review events to prepare for career fairs and applications for graduate and professional programs, industry-specific and general career fairs and networking events, panel discussions, and a LinkedIn workshop.

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