Staff Directory

Angela Erica Brian Donna Paryn Rickey Ning Trish Shelby Jessica Kuatbay Carrie Devin KayLee Brittany George Carolny Kelsey Susan Marshall

Executive Director

Angela Williams Assistant Vice Chancellor of Career Services

Post-Graduate Placement

Kuatbay Bektemirov Career Data Analyst

Office Support Team

Carrie Whitmer Office Support Manager
Devin Moore Adminstrative Assistant

Employer Relations Team

Erica Estes Director of Employer Relations for Fulbright College
Brian Henderson Director of Employer Relations for College of Engineering
Donna Graham Director of Employer Relations for Bumpers College

Career Programs Team

Rickey Booker Director of Career Programs
Yu Ning Computer Support Specialist
Trish Nicholson Coordinator of Employer Relations

Career Education Team

KayLee Simmons Director of Career Education
Brittany Straw Assistant Director of Career Education
George Winter Career Counselor
Carolyn Chitwood Career Counselor
Kelsey Lavigne Career Services Specialist, College of Engineering
Susan Pospisil Career Specialist, Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design

Part-time Staff

Marshall Carter Career Counselor
Jessica Fuentes Career Ambassador
Shelby Pieper Graduate Assistant
Paryn Freeman Student Worker

Contact info:

Arkansas Union Office
Nola Holt Royster Suite 607
Phone 479.575.2805
Fax: 479.575.6742