"People with a 100% completed profile are 40 times more likely to receive an opportunity through LinkedIn." Ok, but what is LinkedIn? And how do I not only complete my profile but do it well?

LinkedIn is a social media site that is dedicated to professional networking. Why is this important for you, a student at the University of Arkansas? Lots of reasons. Firstly, networking is the #1 way people get jobs. Some say as many as 80% of jobs are never posted and are found exclusively through networking. Even if you are applying for the other 20% of jobs, networking makes a huge difference in your job search. Think about it: if you were a hiring manager, would you interview a stranger or a contact of someone in your department that you trust?

Secondly, networking is something that you need to do before you are searching for a position. You should (ideally) already have a network in place when you are searching for a job, internship, or co-op. That means that you need to be networking now. LinkedIn will help you keep track of your current network, expand it, and utilize it to its fullest potential.

Below is a guide to using LinkedIn. The first part is designed to help you create a strategic profile. The second part will help you understand how to use your profile and the opportunities that LinkedIn provides to you.

If you have any questions during the creation process, need some extra guidance, or want a LinkedIn profile review, contact the Career Development Center to set up an email or in-person appointment. We also take photos that you can use for your LinkedIn headshot and have a LinkedIn group that posts helpful career tips.