This section of our guide is meant to help you use your Facebook profile to find a job, make new connections, and maintain your already-existing network. View The Career Counselor's Guide to Facebook to find out more information on how to use Facebook to help you with your job search.


Especially for people who include both work and personal friends on their account, classifying friends as 'Work/Professional' can be very beneficial. This will allow you to target your work-related posts, and keep your colleagues from seeing inappropriate posts. You can create multiple lists with whatever titles you want, so its possibilities are never ending. To create these lists, go to your Friends tab, click on the down arrow next to your friend's name, and click 'Add to list'. At the bottom, you will see 'Create new list'. It is worth mentioning that you may still want to share some personal statuses with your work friends; it will help you seem more approachable and they will get to know you better.


Statuses are a great opportunity to keep your network informed and to enforce your personal brand. You can post both work related statuses and personal statuses, taking care to give access to appropriate friend lists. Below is a list of some appropriate things to post to your work/professional friends list:

  • Class/group projects
  • Leadership positions; Ex: "Great student government meeting tonight - so glad to be part of great things happening here at UA"
  • Internships/Summer Jobs
  • Interesting articles/books (include your opinions!)
  • Learning from class/guest lectures/etc.

In addition to writing your own statuses, it is important to respond to other people's statuses. Networking is about more than letting people know what is happening with you; it is about knowing what is happening with other people, and identifying ways to be helpful to others.

Finally, it is generally a good idea to avoid posts like "Help! I need a job! Can you pass my resume on?" If you are actively searching for a position, instead post something that demands less of your friends. "Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I am currently searching for a position in [INDUSTRY]. If you know of anybody that I should talk to, please let me know!" If you are passively searching for a job (or secretly searching), consider sending a personal message to people instead of posting it as your status.

Job Search

As previously mentioned, Facebook is often used to not only network, but also locate jobs. Facebook recently developed a new feature called Graph Search which allows users to utilize the full power of their network and identify not only who they know, but who their friends know. Below are handful of possible searches.

  • Friends of friends who work at (company)
  • People who work at (company) and live in (location)
  • People who work at (company) who went to (school)
  • Companies my friends like who live in (location)
  • Of course, using Graph Search is just one thing you can do on Facebook to help your job search. You may want to consider logging into job-relevant sites (Simply Hired, Linked In, Etc.) with your facebook account so they are linked. This will allow you to recommend jobs to friends on Facebook and to give your network valuable information about what jobs and industries you are interested in (allowing them to identify ways to help you).

    Facebook has also expanded and now has an Apps section. The following apps are some of the more popular job-related apps out there. Check out this article to learn more about them.

    • Social Jobs App
    • BeKnown
    • BranchOut
    • InCircle

    Finally, there are some miscellaneous tips that can help you in your job search. One thing you can do is follow and like company pages and job search boards that you are particularly interested in. This will allow information from these pages to show up in your newsfeed at times and keep you up-to-date. You can also visit these pages and use them as an opportunity to do research on either specific companies or trends in your field.