Did you know that 66% of companies use Facebook as a recruitment tool? Or that 76% of social job seekers (that is, job seekers who used social networking sites as a primary search tool) found their current position through Facebook? With statistics like this, it is clear that Facebook is not something to ignore when searching for your next job, co-op, or internship.

Facebook is a social media site that allows you to easily stay in contact with your friends, family, and (if you choose) co-workers. Some people like having facebook only for their personal life. Others only use it for professional reasons. This decision is completely your own and the right balance for you is likely to be unique. No matter how you decide to balance your personal and professional self on facebook, be sure that everything that is public is appropriate. It doesn't necessarily need to reflect your professional interests, but it also shouldn't get in the way of your professional interests.

Below is a guide to using Facebook. The first part is designed to help you create a strategic profile. The second part will help you understand how to use your profile.

If you have any questions about how to create or maintain and professional facebook profile, contact the Career Development Center to set up an email or in-person appointment. We also have a Facebook group that posts helpful career tips.