Career Development Center Disclaimer

The U of A career development centers (CDCs) provide opportunities and resources for University of Arkansas students and alumni to develop job-search skills and identify potential employment. The CDCs do not guarantee job placement for students nor for alumni.

The CDCs serve as a referral source for jobs and other opportunities and generally cannot make specific recommendations regarding off-campus employers. The Center makes no guarantees about the positions listed by the Center.

The CDCs are not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or any other aspects of off-campus employment. While we expect employers to adhere to ethical standards, we are not able to research the integrity of every organization or individual that lists a job with us. Students and alumni are urged to ask good questions and use common sense when applying for any job or internships, particularly with respect to employment in a private home or other opportunities not affiliated with an established public or private sector organization. We encourage you to research prospective employers using resources made available by the CDCs, as well as company websites. This short video contains pointers to help you avoid employment fraud.

Please contact the university CDCs with questions or if you believe any employer listing jobs or internships has misrepresented opportunities or has otherwise engaged in unethical conduct concerning recruitment or employment practices.

The CDCs advise caution in dealing with third-party recruiters. For more information on how to evaluate whether to work with a potential third-party recruiter, we recommend you review these guidelines published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.