Student Agreement & Code of Conduct

Policies and Procedures
Employing organizations, universities, and students in the recruiting process have a responsibility for adherence to principles of professional conduct. Any unprofessional or unethical conduct can have serious repercussions for all parties, resulting in the reduction of opportunities for all candidates.

1. As a registrant of the Career Development Center, I agree to:

  • Accurately present my qualifications and interests
  • Thoroughly research the company prior to my interview to include attending company information sessions
  • Honor interview commitments
  • Not share my username and password
  • Communicate professionally and respectfully at all times with employers and recruiters. Failure to do so may result in loss of all career center services. In addition, you may be found in violation of the University of Arkansas Student Code of Conduct.

2. All registrants are required to follow the Interview, Cancellation and No-Show policies listed below.

  • I will only apply for jobs and interviews with companies that are of genuine interest to me. Applying for interviews or positions that are of little or no interest to me can result in lost opportunities for other students and presents an unprofessional image of our campus to recruiters.
  • Failure to show or making a late cancellation (within 24 hours of the interview) for a scheduled interview will result in:
    • Restriction from using the U of A Razorback CareerLink (RCL) job posting system and/or other career center resources.
  • After your first no show or late cancellation, in order to avoid being restricted from using from using RCL or other career center resources, a letter (written or email) must be sent to the company recruiter within three business days (72 hours) explaining the reasons for the missed interview and a copy must be given to the Career Development Center. Your access to The University of Arkansas Razorback CareerLink system will be denied until a copy of your letter or email is received by the Career Development Center (email
  • After two no-shows or cancellations, you must meet with a Career Development Center Director to determine your eligibility to continue to participate in U of A Career Development Center programs.

3. After accepting an offer from a company, the following will be completed:

  • I will notify my Career Development Center of my placement information.*
  • I will stop interviewing through the on-campus interview system.
  • I will notify employers actively recruiting me that I have accepted an offer.
  • I will fulfill my commitments made in the job offer accepted.

Note: if, after accepting a job offer, the employer should rescind the offer, I can immediately re-activate my job search through the Career Development Center.

*Reporting salary offer and job acceptance information to the Career Development Center is critical to the University of Arkansas for our ability to benchmark successful outcomes in national rankings and recognition. All information will remain confidential. Salary and placement information are only reported in statistical format (average salary, percentage of graduates placed, etc.)

Using the Razorback CareerLink service at the University of Arkansas certifies that I have read and voluntarily agree to the policies and procedures stated above. I also understand that The University of Arkansas Razorback CareerLink system is one method for finding a job. It is important that I utilize several job search methods and not rely solely on Razorback CareerLink.