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What is Sociology?

According to the University of Arkansas, "Sociology is a valuable liberal arts major for students planning careers in a wide variety of fields including public administration, demography, social psychology, guidance and counseling, gerontology, education, rehabilitation, social work, market research, foreign service, business, community planning, architecture, politics and law. Similarly, criminal justice studies can provide a foundation for careers in criminology, law and law enforcement, rehabilitation, research, and security among others.

Exposure to social theory, method and analysis provides majors in both areas who want to pursue graduate work with a strong academic background."

Related Careers

Some of these careers may require further education:

Admissions Counselor Family Guidance Counselor Public Opinion Surveyor
Adoption Agent Financial Aid Director Public Relations Specialist
Advertising Assistant Foster Care Worker Recreation Director
Aging Specialist Fund Raiser Recreation Therapist
Alcohol/Drug Case Worker Gerontologist Rehabilitation Counselor
Career Services Counselor Human Resources Reporter
Case Aid Worker Independent Living Trainer Researcher/ Research Assistant
Child Welfare Officer Insurance Agent/Broker Resident Assistant
City Planner Job Analyst Sales Representative
Claims Representative Labor Relations Representative School Counselor
Community Service Agency Marketing Research Analyst Secret Service Agent
Compensation/Benefits Marriage & Family Therapist Shipping Operations
Congressional Aid Medical Social Worker Social Movements Organizer
Consumer Advocate Mental Health Worker Social Scientist
Consumer Survey Advisor News Correspondent Social Welfare Examiner
Convention Organizer Nutritionist Social Worker
Cooperative Extension Agent Parole/Probation Officer Teacher/Professor
Correctional Case Worker Peace Corps/VISTA Technical Writer
Corrections Officer Personnel Interviewer Trainer
Cottage Parent Personnel Specialist Urban Planner
Data Analyst Program Assistant/Director Veterans Affairs Specialist
Day Care Worker Public Administrator Welfare Counselor
Delinquency Counselor Public Health Educator Writer/Author

Related Skills

Ability to Understand & Improve Human Relationships Interpersonal Communication (Oral & Written)
Able to See the Big Picture Knowledge of Community Resources
Analyze, Synthesize & Interpret Information Knowledge of Social Structure & Change
Compter Skills Research & Planning
Critical Thinking Resolve Conclicts/Counseling
Insight into Group Dynamics Statistical Abilities
Interact Well with Diverse Cultures/Groups Work Well Under Pressure

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