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What is American Studies?

According to the University of Arkansas, "The American Studies program offers a major leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The program offers a wide variety of courses from at least five departments spreading across the arts, social sciences, and humanities. Students who major in American studies then work intensively in an individually chosen area of emphasis. Students majoring in American Studies combine a wide-ranging and sharply focused academic base that prepares students either for graduate study or for employment in jobs such as the tourism industry, museums and historical societies, university presses, academic journals, and literary magazines."

Related Careers

Content Manager Occupational Therapist
Continuity Announcer Paralegal
Correspondent Policy Analyst
Curator Politician
Customer Service Representative Professor
Editor Public Relations Director
Education Director Publisher
Events Assistant Real Estate Agent
Filmmaker Records Manager
Financial Planner Reporter
Foreign Service Representative Researcher
Fraud Prevention Manager Retail Assistant
Freelance Writer Sports Development Officer
Fund Raiser Stock Analyst
Grant Writer Teacher
Historian Tour Guide
Historical Consultant Travel Agent
Information Manager Travel Writer
Interpreter TV Producer
Journalist Urban/Regional Planner
Lawyer Volunteer Coordinator
Legal Administrator Writer

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