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What is Mechanical Engineering?

According to the Mechanical Engineering department at University of Arkansas, "Mechanical engineers bring objects to life and push the boundaries of what is physically possible. In the nanotechnology field, mechanical engineers are designing machines the size of molecules that will revolutionize the way we communicate, use energy and practice medicine. Aerospace engineers are busy creating better aircraft to help humans travel around the world and into outer space more easily. In the medical field, mechanical engineers are developing new technology that can diagnose and treat diseases more efficiently.

At the University of Arkansas, mechanical engineering students study aircraft design, design nanosurfaces that reduce friction and wear of mechanical parts, and research "lab on a chip" technologies that allow doctors to perform medical tests on tiny samples, like a single bacterium. U of A students have interned with Continental Airlines, Lockheed Martin and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, and U of A graduates have gone on to work for NASA, Boeing and Toyota."

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Related Skills

Ability to Prioritize & Work to Deadlines

Communication Skills (Oral & Written)

People Skills

Analytical Skills

Logical & Creative Approach to Issues

Problem Solving Skills

Background in Engineering Principles & Design

Numeracy Abilities

Team Player

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