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What is Public Health?

According to the University of Arkansas, "Public health is an exciting, diverse major that focuses on disease prevention and health promotion needs at the community level. Public health work is conducted by teams of clinicians, epidemiologists, behavioral scientists, environmental scientists, health education specialists, health inspectors, statisticians, and health administrators. Students receiving a B.S. in Public Health will be trained for entry-level public health positions found in government agencies, health corporations, and community non-profit organizations. Graduates are employed in a variety of settings, including: public health departments, non-governmental agencies, hospitals, health care management organizations, and health care accrediting agencies. The public health degree at the University of Arkansas is specifically focused on health promotion, health behavior and health education. In accordance, graduates are eligible for the Certified Health Education Specialist credential."

Related Careers

Administrative Research Assistant


Air Quality Specialist

Marketing Representative


Maternal and Child Health Specialist


Medical Assistant

CDC Research Analyst

Medical Social Worker

Cessation Counselor

Medical Staff Relations Specialist

Child Interview Specialist

Mental Health Therapist

City Health Planner


Claims Examiner

Nonprofit Organization Director

Community Outreach Coordinator



Outpatient Clinic Services Director

Crisis Intake Specialist

Patient Care Assistant



Disease Intervention Specialist

Physician Assistant


Policy Analyst



Field Researcher


Finance Manager

Program Coordinator

Food Protection Agent

Provider Relations Specialist

Fund Raiser


Grant Writer

Public Health Administrator

Health Management Coordinator

Public Health Educator

Health Promotion Specialist

Public Health Lawyer

HIV/AIDS Specialist

Public Relations Specialist

Housing Quality Specialist


Human Resources Specialist

Risk Assessment Analyst

Infection Control Practitioner

Social Worker

Information Coordinator


Information Technologist

Volunteer Coordinator

International/Global Health Specialist

Wellness Program Coordinator



Related Skills

Ability to Work with Diverse Populations


Presentation Skills

Communication Skills (Oral & Written)

Intrapersonal Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Dedicated to Helping Others

Positive Attitude

Research Methodology

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American College of Healthcare Executives

American Public Health Association

American Society for Public Administration

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Council on Education for Public Health

National Association of Community Health Centers

National Association of County and City Health Officials

National Health Council

National Institutes for Health

National Public Health Leadership Development Network

Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce

Pfizer Public HealthSociety for Public Health Education

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

World Health Organization

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