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What is Marketing?

According to the University of Arkansas, "The major in marketing is designed to prepare students for careers involving product planning, distribution, promotion, and pricing strategies in profit or nonprofit organizations. In addition to a broad overview of the marketing functions within organizations, students are provided with knowledge and skills in consumer behavior, marketing research, and strategic marketing.

Students majoring in marketing are actively subjected to problem-solving situations, both domestic and international, where a variety of contemporary tools are employed to stimulate the strategic decision-making process. Supportive disciplines with which the marketer should be familiar include psychology, sociology, accounting, economics, statistics, quantitative analysis, and research methodology.

The marketing major is intended to provide students with broad knowledge and skills in marketing applicable to a wide range of profit and nonprofit organizations."

Related Careers

Account Executive

Employment Agency Counselor

Merchandising Manager

Account Representative

Financial Planner

Nonprofit Organization Manager

Advertising Executive

Franchise Sales Director

Packaging Specialist

Advertising Manager

Franchise Specialist

Product Manager

Art Director



Bank Officer

Government Administrator

Project Manager

Brand Manager

Grant Writer

Promotions Director


Hotel Sales Manager

Property Manager

Circulation Manager

Import/Export Manager

Public Relations Specialist

Commercial Artist

International Marketing Specialist

Retail Manager

Comparison Shopper

Inventory Control Specialist

Sales Agent



Sales Manager

Consumer Affairs Specialist

Market Field Coordinator

Sales Representative


Market Representative


Credit/Loan Administrator

Market Research Analyst


Customer Service Manager

Market Research Interviewer

Specialty Advertising Director

Development Officer

Marketing Communications Consultant

Telecommunications Director

Direct Mail Specialist

Marketing Manager

Telemarketing Representative

Distribution manager

Marketing Planner

Urban/Regional Planner

District Sales Manager

Media Buyer/Analyst

Wholesale Salesperson

Related Skills

Ability to Manage & Direct People/Programs

People Skills

Active listener and learner

Planning Skills

Analysis & Interpretation Skills

Presentation Skills

Communication Skills (Written & Oral)

Reading Comprehension

Critical Thinking

Research Abilities


Strategic Thinking Skills

Negotiation Skills

Teamwork Abilities

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