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What is Management?

According to University of Arkansas, "Management is both art and science. Experienced executives will tell you that one of the most important skills any professional could possess is the ability to effectively manage others - regardless of the industry.

Management majors gain insight and skill needed for careers as professional managers or as self-employed entrepreneurs. These skills include technical knowledge, communicative capacity, human understanding, and conceptual and problem-solving ability."

Related Careers


Industrial Production Manager

Administrative Services Managers

Instructional Coordinator

Administrative Services Mangers

Insurance Agent

Advertising Manager

Insurance Sales Agent

Advertising Sales Agent

Insurance Underwriter

Architectural and Engineering Manager

Loan Officer


Lodging Manager

Budget Analyst

Management Analyst

Commodities Agent

Market Research Analyst

Community Association Managers

Marketing Manager

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Medical and Health Services Manager

Construction Manager

Operations Research Analyst

Customer Services Representative

Personal Financial Advisor


Promotions Manager

Financial Analyst

Public Relations Manager

Financial Services Sales Agent

Real Estate Broker

Food Service Manager

Retail Manager

Human Resources Manager

Sales Manager

Human Resources Specialist

Training and Development Manager

Related Skills

Analytical Skills

Detail Oriented


Background in Business

Interested in Current Events

Strong Mathematical Skills

Communication Skills (Oral & Written)

Organization Skills

Team Player

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