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What is TypeFocus

The purpose of TypeFocus is to help you make wise career choices by learning about your personality type and what it means to you.

Discover your strengths

Self-awareness report: Who am I ...really? By understanding yourself better, you'll find work that will be satisfying in the long run - where it counts. This report will help you answer the question. "Who am I ...really?"

Finding your way

Career strategy report: Where am I going? As you understand yourself better, you'll clarify your values, skills and interests and become more focused. This report will help you discover deeply satisfying careers that work with your strengths and not against them.

Getting the job

Job search report: Gaining an advantage? What will separate you from the others in the race for jobs? One answer is that you've taken the time to understand yourself so you can be of more value to your future employer. This report will help you to use your personality strengths in your job search.


  • Start at http://careers.typefocus.com - click on the "New Users - Click to Register" link.
  • Enter your Site Password: uark89
  • Make up your own username, password and hint - you need to complete ALL fields.
  • Scroll to the bottom of that page and click on Submit.
    Record this information, you will need it: Login Username: Login Password: Hint: You are now registered, click on - Click here to start.
  • This is your Entry Page - fill in your Site Password, Login Username and Login Password and then click on the Login button.
  • Enter your real name and gender. Gender is needed to score the questionnaire correctly. Then click on Continue.
  • Next, complete the questionnaire - you have to answer ALL questions. When finished, click on Submit Your Questionnaire button.
  • You will be asked to confirm your four personality type factors. The program always starts with the Extraversion/Introversion factor. If you agree with the description, click on YES. The program will then accept it as confirmed and go to the next factor, asking you to confirm it.
  • If you do not agree with a description, click on NO. The program will then ask if the opposite result describes you better. If you click on YES, it will accept that as your confirmed type and go on to the next factor. If you click on No again, the program will again present the first factor for you to consider. It will not move on until you confirm each of the four factors with a YES response.
  • If you click on the I'm not sure button, it will present both factors in two columns and ask you to pick one at the bottom of the page.
  • When you have finished confirming all four personality factors, you will be congratulated on confirming your type and you can now enter the program.
  • When you enter the program, you will find three reports that offer valuable direction to your career search: Discover Your Strengths, Finding Your Way and Getting the Job.
  • You can print the Discover Your Strengths and Getting the Job reports immediately using your browser's print button.
  • The Finding Your Way report is interactive and you will create it as you go through it. If you save your work as you go, you'll create a permanent file for yourself that you can return to again and again. You can print it at anytime using your browser's print button.
  • When you leave the program, make sure you use the Logout button on the top right.
  • When you return to the program, enter at the "Returning Users - click to login" button. This will bring you to the Entry Page - fill in your Site Password, Login Username and Login Password and then click on the Login button.