Disability Mentoring Day

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Download Registration Packet (PDF)

Walmart invites your organization to participate in the 2009 National Disability Mentoring Day: “Leveraging Your Strengths” event. National Disability Mentoring Day promotes career development for students and job-seekers with disabilities through job shadowing and hands-on career exploration. The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) started this event in 1999, and Walmart has participated since 2004.

Celebrated around the country, National Disability Mentoring Day brings students and employers together for informational sessions about career opportunities and one-on-one mentoring with volunteers at public and private places of employment.

The date for this year’s event is October 28, 2009. We will be hosting students and job-seekers from around Northwest Arkansas at our Home Office Campus in Bentonville. We are looking for participants who are interested in working in a corporate environment to spend part of the day in one-on-one career exploration, job shadowing and developing relationships that may lead to future mentoring opportunities.

National Disability Mentoring Day will provide an outstanding opportunity for college students and job-seekers with disabilities to visit the largest retailer in the world and spend individual time with volunteer mentors learning about our company and exploring possible career paths.

Walmart understands that historically people with disabilities have faced limited employment opportunities. We also understand that individuals with disabilities possess the education, experience, and enthusiasm necessary to succeed at Walmart.

If you have students who would like to participate in National Disability Mentoring Day, please submit the attached registration forms to me no later than October 7, 2009. To ensure that each student has a mentor assigned to them for this event, we will not be accepting registrations received after October 7th.

We look forward to hearing from you. Should you have any questions, please contact us by phone at (479) 204-6488 or email bao.yang@wal-mart.com.

Download Registration Packet (PDF)