Key Resources for Students with Disabilities

All of the services provided by the University Career Development Center are available free of charge to all students.. Some key resources you may be interested in include:

  • Resume Reviews & Mock Interviews
  • Recruitment and networking events for full time employment and internships
  • Job Search Resources
  • Career counseling-our career counselors can help you create a Career Action Plan that takes your unique strengths, interests, and barriers into consideration
  • Links to sites serving individuals with disabilities and information that you need throughout your career planning and job search.

There are unique issues that individuals with disabilities may face during a job search including understanding the American Disabilities Act, accommodations, essential job functions, and disclosure. Students are encouraged to learn as much as possible about these issues. Check out the resources below to get started.

Helpful Links

General Information for Job Seekers with Disabilities

  • Accommodations New professionals with disabilities should carefully think through what is needed to function optimally on the job prior to the hiring process. Most accommodations cost less than $500. Employers can receive tax incentives for accommodation costs.

  • Employees’ Practical guide to Negotiating and Requesting reasonable Accommodations Under the ADA The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is a free service of the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy. JAN consultants have been providing job accommodation information since 1983 when JAN was founded. In addition, JAN consultants have been providing information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) since 1992 when the ADA went into effect.

  • Job Applicants and the Americans with Disabilities Act: This link provides valuable info on discussing disability and accommodation with a potential employer, being qualified for a job, reasonable accommodation etc.

  • SOURCES Sources is a local NWA organization providing services, support, and advocacy for individuals with disabilities, their family, and the community.

  • Your Employments Rights as an Individual with a Disability
    Individuals with disabilities are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Keep in mind, to be a qualified candidate, you must be able to perform the “essential functions” of the job with or without accommodations.

Jobs, Internships, and Networking Links

  • "web-based community where job seekers with disabilities, inclusive employers and service providers meet and gain access to valuable networking opportunities."

  • American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) The AAPD is the largest national nonprofit cross-disability member organization in the United States, dedicated to ensuring economic self-sufficiency and political empowerment for the more than 56 million Americans with disabilities. AAPD works in coalition with other disability organizations for the full implementation and enforcement of disability nondiscrimination laws, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Visit their web site for internship opportunities and employment information.

  • CAREERS and the disABLED A career guidance and recruitment magazine for people with disabilities who are at the undergraduate or graduate student level, and professionals. Includes resume posting service.

  • Connects job seekers to employers who are proactive about recruiting people with disabilities. Post your resume, read classifieds, visit web sites of employers.

  • Emerging Leaders Summer internship and leadership development opportunities for students with disabilities

  • ENTRY POINT! A program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). (Internships) REQUIREMENTS: Students majoring in Science, Math, Engineering, or Computer Science. Have at least a B average. Be a U.S. citizen or have a right-to-work permit. HOW TO APPLY: Contact: Lauren Summers Project on Science, Technology &, Disability AAAS 1200 New York Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20005, Phone: 202-326-6649 (v/tdd), Fax: 202-371-9849, Apply online at

  • Careers & Community for talented people with disabilities.

  • Job Accommodation Network (JAN) An international toll free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations and the employability of people with disabilities. Also provides information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Lift Inc. Non-profit corporation that identifies, trains, and hires computer professionals who have physical disabilities through contracts with major corporations who eventually hire them directly.

  • National Business & Disability Council Contains a resource for employers seeking to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace and companies seeking to reach them in the consumer marketplace.

  • "Mission: to assist individuals with disabilities to gain and sustain employment, in partnership with business and the community."

  • USAJOBS.GOV resource center. Information for individuals with disabilities interested in federal jobs. This site is also the only place to apply for federal jobs.

Diversity in the Workplace

Many companies and organizations are focusing on a commitment to diversity. Employers are interested in you for the unique perspectives and experiences that you will bring to the workplace. Organizations may implement initiatives to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. Differences people bring to the work environment may include race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, geographic background, education, economic background, visible and invisible disabilities, and communication styles.

The University Career Development Center offers unique networking opportunities like the Diversity Networking Reception, Career Fairs, and other workshops. Check out our Events page to see upcoming events that you may be interested in.

If you are a member of the Career Track Razorbacks (CTR) and are interested in learning more about Diversity in the Workplace, click on the link below and complete the assignment. This will count as an elective in the Career Exploration category for CTR requirements.

Diversity in the Workplace Video