To Schedule a Mock Interview with the CDC:

  • Call our office at (479) 575-2805 to schedule an appointment for the mock interview.

  • Watch a brief online presentation on How to Prepare for the Interview.

  • At least one day before your appointment, submit to your interviewer via email:

    • a copy of your resume & a sample job or internship description related to your career goals. (for mock JOB interview)


    • a copy of your statement of purpose & description of a graduate program related to your career goals. (for mock GRAD or PROFESSIONAL school interview, except those conducting a Pre-Med mock interview. If scheduling a PRE-MED mock interview, it is not necessary to send anything in advance). Click here for help writing your personal statement:

  • Your mock interview will be evaluated using this mock interview rating form. Click here for Mock Interview Form

  • While dressing professionally is important, do not let this requirement prevent you from making an appointment for a mock interview.