Employers Visiting Campus

Meeting with an employer while they are visiting campus is a wonderful opportunity to get inside information about a company and network with company representatives.

Information Sessions: Employers who are recruiting on campus are interested in developing name recognition among University of Arkansas students. Information sessions give recruiters an opportunity to describe for a captive audience the advantages of working at their company. Typically a campus information session is held in a classroom or meeting room and will include 1-4 company representatives for about an hour. During this time, company representatives may deliver a speech, or make a presentation to describe their company. They may also make themselves available to answer your individual questions.

How to Prepare: Prepare for an information session the same way you would prepare for a career fair or a job interview. Do your homework. Know enough about the company to ask good questions and make a positive impression with the company representatives. Be ready to introduce yourself confidently describing your area of study and interest in their company. We encourage you to dress in business casual attire, as you will want to come across as a serious candidate for their company.

How to find Employer Information Sessions: Some sessions are scheduled through the UA Career Development Center. When they are, they will be listed on this site and on Razorback CareerLink. Some sessions are scheduled through academic departments. For information about these, ask your faculty.

Information Tables: Information Tables are a less formal version of Information Sessions. At an information table, employers are available throughout the day to describe their company and answer any questions you may have about job opportunities and company culture. Prepare for an information table as you would for an information session. See the calendar below for those scheduled through the Career Development Center.

On-campus Interviews: Some employers will choose to hold interviews on campus for posted positions. To find and apply for open positions, log into Razorback CareerLink and click on Jobs/Internships. After you have applied for a position, if the employer selects you for an interview and is interviewing on campus, you will be instructed to log back into Razorback CareerLink to schedule your interview.

Class Presentations: Employers are sometimes invited into instructors' classes to speak about their company or organization in an effort to increase students' education about career opportunities related to the class topic. When these are arranged through the Career Development Center, they will be included on the calendar below.

For more information please call (479) 575-2805.