According to the University of Arkansas, "The Department of Psychological Science offers a major leading to a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. Psychologists are the scientists of human behavior and mental processes. They approach these areas from a variety of perspectives.

Clinical psychologists seek to identify the causes of abnormal behavior and to change these behaviors so their clients can live more satisfying and rewarding lives. Cognitive psychologists are interested in how knowledge and behavior are acquired, retained, and retrieved. Developmental psychologists study physical, cognitive, and social changes that occur throughout an individual's life. Neuroscientists are concerned with the biological bases of behavior. Social psychologists investigate Social psychologists study our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and other people. Each of these perspectives is represented by members of the faculty in the Fulbright College Department of Psychological Science.

The Department of Psychological Science is one of the largest and most productive departments in the university in many ways. Our faculty members are active researchers who bring their scientific excitement and curiosity into the classroom. In addition the faculty is deeply committed to providing individualized training to our students, which is accomplished through experience in a faculty member's lab, or perhaps doing an honors project. We are one of the largest undergraduate majors, and our graduates pursue graduate training in many areas, including counseling, psychology, business, law, and medicine. Other graduates enter the workforce in diverse areas, including human and social services, business, banking, and non-profit organizations."

Some careers may require further education:

Account Executive Crisis Intervention Counselor Personnel Assistant
Activity Leader Customer Service Representative Personnel Interviewer
Admissions Evaluator Customs/Immigration Officer Personnel Manager
Advertising Assistant Employee Assistance Director Physical Therapist
Art Therapist Employment Agency Counselor Probation Officer
Assistant Account Executive Financial Advisor Professional Employment Recruiter
Career Planning Professor Financial Aid Director Program Developer
Case Worker Food & Beverage Assistant Manager Psychiatrist
Child Psychologist Health Club Manager Psychologist
College Student Affairs Administrators Health Educator Public Opinion Surveyor
Community & Social Service Hospice Coordinator Public Relations Assistant
Community Relations Director Hotel Event Management Recreation Specialist
Community Relation Representative Human Resources Specialist Researcher
Copywriter Human Resources Administrator Sales Representative
Corporate Merchandising International Student Advisor Social Service Professional Staff
Correctional Caseworker Job Developer Sociologist
Corrections Officer Junior Market Analyst Statistician Assistant
Cottage Parent Labor Relations Specialist Teacher
Counselor: Alcohol/Drug Market Research Analyst Technical Writer
Counselor: Career Marketing/Sales Manager Technical Communicator
Counselor: Guidance Media Buyer Television/Media Researcher
Counselor: School Mental Health Coordinator Training & Development Professional
Counselor: Vocational Music Therapist Wage/Benefits Analyst
Creative Director Occupational Therapist Youth Corrections Officer
Ability to Resolve/Mediate Conflicts Good Listener
Able to Observe, Analyze, & Interpret Information Insight to Deal Effectively with People
Able to Promote Healthy Relationships Interpersonal Communication (Oral & Written)
Concern for & Sensitivity to Others Interviewing Techniques
Critical & Inferential Thinking Knowledge of Human Development & Behavior
Decision Making Problem Solving
Engage in Ethical Practice Understanding of Group Dynamics

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