According to the University of Arkansas, "International Studies encompasses exploration of the world and its peoples, including its politics, economics, cultures, societies, and environment. It utilizes such varied subjects as international security, international economics, foreign relations, history, political science, geography, sociology, anthropology, and foreign languages and draws on the resources and expertise of many academic departments across campus. Students in International Studies are strongly encouraged to participate in study abroad as part of their degree program. With around 300 majors, the International Studies Program proudly takes its place at the heart of Fulbright College, serving as a vital component in the fulfillment of Senator Fulbright's vision."

An ability to think analytically and criticallyThe capacity to write effectively, clearly, and persuasively
An ability to identify, evaluate, and use information effectivelyKnowledge of research methods used in the social sciences and humanities
Foreign language skills to achieve a level of basic communicationKnowledge of other cultures
Research/Analytical skillsInterpersonal/Cross-cultural skills
OrganizationalCommunication skills
Listening CriticallyTeam working skills
ManagementCreative Thinking
Critical ThinkingPlanning and Budgeting
Time Management

NAFSA - Association of International Educators

APSIA - Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs

CSIS - Center for Strategic & International Studies

International Peace Research Association

ISA: International Studies Association

UNAUSA - United Nations Association of the United States of America