According to the University of Arkansas Department of Sociology and Criminology, "Criminology is a growing field, with a number of exciting career opportunities from a variety of agencies, industries, and organizations. The criminology major provides marketable skills and knowledge that relate to crime prevention, law enforcement, and the court system. The criminology major is comprehensive, adding the skills in research, theory, and data analytics that prepare students beyond an understanding of criminal procedures or evidence. This major offers an overview of criminology as a field of study, educates students in the complexities of criminal behavior and public safety, and familiarizes them with the justice system processes and the causes, correlations and consequences of criminal behavior and victimization."

Ability to identify and analyze problemsBroad understanding of criminal law
Computer literacyConsiderations of gender & race
Critical thinkingDecision-making
Ethics and moral valuesInterviewing skills
Knowledge of legal structuresPatience
Quantitative SkillsResearch strategies
Skills in research and scientific methodologySupervision & management skills
Understanding nature of crimesWritten & presentation skills