According to the University of Arkansas Department of Supply Chain Management, "Graduates of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) program will find themselves in exciting and diverse roles in organizations where they will manage activities, such as planning and forecasting, purchasing, sales, transportation, storage, and distribution, which are required for the efficient flow of goods and services between the points of their creation and their ultimate consumption or disposition."

Consumer Services ManagerContracts and Pricing Manager
Demand ForecasterDistribution Manager
Export/Import Operations ManagerInventory Manager
Logistics ManagerMaterials Planner
Procurement and Supply ManagerSCM Consultant
Supplier Relations ManagerTransportation Carrier Manager
Warehouse Operations Manager
Project managementTechnical understanding
Cost accounting skillsAbility to understand financial statements
Understanding of e-business / e-procurement systemsTroubleshooting, problem solving
Understanding of cross-cultural / global issuesBusiness ethics
Understanding of the legal issues involved in managing contractsAbility to communicate effectively through presentations, email, one-on-one, and team discussion
Ability to logically organize thoughtsAbility as a natural facilitator to enable team-based decisions
Time managementLeadership
Understanding of customer's expectations