Dress Like You Want to Be Addressed
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
U of A Faulkner Performing Arts Center
(No Professional Attire Required to Attend)

Perception is reality...fair or unfair! Let your attire speak for you and how you desire to be addressed in both work & play. Welcome to a relevant, engaging and fun session designed to set-up men and women for success through simple and cost effective tricks-of-the trade for wardrobe building and outfit selection. Our hosts, who are successful business leaders from the wardrobe, branding and apparel industries with over 40 years of combined experience with Fortune 500 Companies, will navigate you down the right path of striking the right first impression through your attire for the critical occasions of life.

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In this session, learn how to:

  • Select the appropriate apparel for key occasions that is right for you, your personality and body type. If you are comfortable, you will come across confident.
  • Navigate some of the most common dress codes you will be expected to know like Business, Business-Casual and Cocktail/After Five, plus a review of some quick tips to transition an outfit from work to "happy hour" or an evening engagement within a few steps. Accessories are magical!
  • Spend and invest wisely to build a strong wardrobe of key "must have's" commonly known as workhorse pieces. Highlights of where to shop to find the items, land great deals & steals that look & fit great. A great outfit that fits does not have to cost a lot.