Employers Visiting Campus

An information session is typically used to complement a campus interview schedule, although it can be an effective "stand alone" event. Presentations may be targeted to all interested students, or to an invitation-only audience, such as students who have signed up for an interview.

Information sessions help to:
Create awareness: This type of session should be held several weeks prior to your interview date. The event is an effective way to:
  • Increase your campus presence and visibility
  • Stimulate interest by providing an industry, company and career path overview
  • Publicize and promote your campus recruitment plans
  • Boost resume submissions and encourage interview signups.

Maximize interview schedules: This type of session is most effective when scheduled a night or two before your interviews. You may use the session to:
  • Explain details about your recruiting process to students who have signed up for interviews.
  • Address general topics such as your corporate culture, benefits packages and other topics that would otherwise take up valuable interview time.
  • Talk to students who did not submit a resume in advance, and “pencil in” additional interviews for unfilled slots on your schedule.
  • Meet and evaluate students in an informal setting prior to one-on-one interviews.

To schedule an information session, please call the Employer Relations Coordinator at 479-575-2804 or email: recruit@uark.edu