UA Graduates' Career Outcomes Methodology

The University of Arkansas Career Development Center (CDC) surveys graduating students about their post-graduation pursuits to learn whether they have secured employment, types and locations of employment secured, salaries offered, military placement, graduate or professional school acceptance, volunteerism, or other plans. This information also informs the University of the Career Paths of graduates, which serves as a great resource for career planning for prospective and current University of Arkansas (U of A) students. This data is also reported to the U.S. News & World Report College Ranking Issue, U.S. News Top Online Education Graduate Programs survey, Global Research University Profiles (GRUP) survey, National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) First-Destination/Post-Graduate survey, Princeton Review survey and Peterson's Undergraduate survey.

This report summarizes post-graduation status of bachelor's, masters and doctoral degree recipients for the university as a whole. While the CDC is responsible for reporting the data for all U of A colleges, the Sam Walton College of Business (WCOB) and the College of Engineering (ENGR) maintain responsibility for administering the placement survey to their graduating students. While these colleges collect its own data, they work collaboratively with the CDC by reporting their collected data to the center. The CDC administers an online-version of the placement survey for the remaining colleges' graduating students.

The CDC maintains a database of students who apply for graduation each summer, fall and spring term. Several weeks prior to graduation graduating seniors are emailed an invitation to participate in the survey and directed to a link that allows them to complete it online. Students use their university email login information to access the survey site. Students are permitted to login multiple times during the collection period to ensure that the most accurate, current data is captured. Additionally, faculty advisers are identified and given administrative privileges to supply or update information on students' behalf. Data is collected up to 6 months after the class graduation year.

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