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Student Agreement & Code of Conduct

Policies and Procedures
Employing organizations, universities, and students in the recruiting process have a responsibility for adherence to principles of professional conduct. Any unprofessional or unethical conduct can have serious repercussions for all parties, resulting in the reduction of opportunities for all candidates.

1. As a registrant of the Walton College Career Services (WCS) and University Career Development Center (CDC), I agree to:

  • Accurately present my qualifications and interests
  • Thoroughly research the company prior to my interview to include attending company information sessions
  • Honor interview commitments
  • Not share my username and password
  • Communicate professionally and respectfully at all times with employers and recruiters. Failure to do so may result in loss of all career center services. In addition, you may be found in violation of the University of Arkansas Student Code of Conduct.

2. All registrants are required to follow the Interview, Cancellation and No-Show policies listed below.

  • I will only apply for jobs and interviews with companies that are of genuine interest to me. Applying for interviews or positions that are of little or no interest to me can result in lost opportunities for other students and presents an unprofessional image of our campus to recruiters.
  • Failure to show or making a late cancellation (within 24 hours of the interview) for a scheduled interview will result in:
    • Restriction from using the Handshake job posting system and/or other career center resources.
  • After your first no show or late cancellation, in order to avoid being restricted from using from using Handshake or other career center resources, a letter (written or email) must be sent to the company recruiter within three business days (72 hours) explaining the reasons for the missed interview and a copy must be given to either WCS or CDC. Your access to Handshake will be denied until a copy of your letter or email is received by the CDC or WCS (email recruit@uark.edu or careerservices@walton.uark.edu).
  • After two no-shows or cancellations, you must meet with a WCS or CDC Director to determine your eligibility to continue to participate in career programs.

3. After accepting an offer from a company, the following will be completed:

  • I will notify the WCS or CDC of my placement information.*
  • I will stop interviewing through the on-campus interview system.
  • I will notify employers actively recruiting me that I have accepted an offer.
  • I will fulfill my commitments made in the job offer accepted.
  • I agree not to renege or decline a previously accepted offer or use an accepted offer as leverage for another offer elsewhere.
  • I understand and agree that reneging on an offer of employment of any kind is grossly unprofessional, not in line with the values and expectations of UA students, and reflects poorly on the University of Arkansas, WCS, and the CDC . I understand that engaging in such behavior will preclude me permanently from further utilizing the services offered by WCS and CDC.

Note: if, after accepting a job offer, the employer should rescind the offer, I can immediately re-activate my job search through the WCS or CDC.

*Reporting salary offer and job acceptance information to the WCS or CDC is critical to the University of Arkansas for our ability to benchmark successful outcomes in national rankings and recognition. All information will remain confidential. Salary and placement information are only reported in statistical format (average salary, percentage of graduates placed, etc.)

Using Handshake through the University of Arkansas certifies that I have read and voluntarily agree to the policies and procedures stated above. I also understand that Handshake is one method for finding a job. It is important that I utilize several job search methods and not rely solely on Handshake.

Student Event Cancellation Policy

In an effort to teach professionalism, the Career Development Center has created an Event Cancellation and No-Show policy. All Career Development Center event registrants are required to follow the Cancellation and No-Show policy listed below:

Events will be categorized as Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3, depending on the event's visibility, required resources, and importance to our relationships with employers/recruiters. Late cancellation (within 1 day of the event) or failure to appear for an event will result in a violation of the event policy. The offenses are divided into three tiers which correspond with the tier level of the events.

  • Tier 1 Event: The student will be required to write a letter of explanation to Career Development Center staff. This letter should be submitted within 5 business days of the event.
  • Tier 2 Event: The student will be required to write an apology letter to the employer(s) at the. This letter must first be approved by a Career Development Center staff member. The student may also lose certain career service privileges. This letter should be submitted within 5 business days of the event.
  • Tier 3 Event: The consequences of this offense will vary case-by-case and may include some form of suspension from a career service activity, event, or service provided. Tier 3 offenses may be subject to a meeting with a career development center staff member, an apology letter to appropriate parties, or another action deemed appropriate by the career center staff. The timeline for these consequences will be communicated to the student on a case-by-case basis.

If a student violates the Tier 1 policy 3+ times without a letter of explanation, the next offense will be bumped up one tier. If a student violates the Tier 2 policy 2+ times without a letter of apology, the next offense will be bumped up one tier.

Explanation Letter Template


[In this letter, you should mention which event you did not attend and apologize for having missed it, regardless of your reason. You should then explain why you missed the event. You should acknowledge that resources might have been expended for your attendance. Finally, you should close by stating that you understand that future late cancellations or no-shows may result in restriction from participation in future Career Development Center events and/or usage of Handshake.]



Apology Letter Template


[In this letter, you should mention which event you did not attend and apologize for having missed it, regardless of your reason. You should then explain why you missed the event. You should acknowledge that resources might have been expended for your attendance. Finally, you should close by stating that you are grateful that they partner with UA to make opportunities available to students and that you hope your no-show/late-cancellation did not reflect poorly on UA.]



Career Development Center Disclaimer

The U of A Career Development Centers provide opportunities and resources for University of Arkansas students and alumni to develop job-search skills and identify potential employment. The Career Development Centers do not guarantee job placement for students nor for alumni.

The Career Development Centers serve as a referral source for jobs and other opportunities and generally cannot make specific recommendations regarding off-campus employers. The Center makes no guarantees about the positions listed by the Center.

The Career Development Centers are not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or any other aspects of off-campus employment. While we expect employers to adhere to ethical standards, we are not able to research the integrity of every organization or individual that lists a job with us. Students and alumni are urged to ask good questions and use common sense when applying for any job or internships, particularly with respect to employment in a private home or other opportunities not affiliated with an established public or private sector organization. We encourage you to research prospective employers using resources made available by the Career Development Centers, as well as company websites. This short video contains pointers to help you avoid employment fraud.

Please contact the university Career Development Centers with questions or if you believe any employer listing jobs or internships has misrepresented opportunities or has otherwise engaged in unethical conduct concerning recruitment or employment practices.

The Career Development Centers advise caution in dealing with third-party recruiters. For more information on how to evaluate whether to work with a potential third-party recruiter, we recommend you review these guidelines published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Appointment No-Show Policy

As UA enrollment increases, so does the request for personalized, one-on-one appointments with career counselors. When a student fails to attend a scheduled appointment, they have not only lost an opportunity for professional development themselves but have also made it so another student could not benefit from the opportunity. The Career Development Center's appointment no-show/cancellation policy exists to instill professionalism into all students.

First No-Show

After the first appointment no-show, a warning email will be send to the student. This email will reiterate the Career Development Center Appointment No-Show Policy, emphasizing the consequences of a second no-show appointment.

Second No-Show

After the second appointment no-show, the student will be required to write an explanation letter to their career counselor about why they were not at their scheduled appointment. The student will receive an email regarding the explanation letter; the email will also reiterate the Career Development Center Appointment No-Show Policy, emphasizing the consequences of a third no-show appointment.

Third No-Show

After the third appointment no-show, the student will not be permitted to schedule any appointment with the Career Development Center or utilize Handshake Link for 4 months; s/he will also be asked to write an explanation letter to the Career Development Center. The student will also receive an email reiterating the Career Development Center Appointment No-Show Policy.


  • No-show definition: any appointment in which a student fails to attend or does not cancel within 24 hours of the appointment.
  • No-shows will be reset/cleared on August 1st of each year. They will not be carried over year to year.

Employer Refund/Cancellation/Inclement Weather Policy

Refunds & Cancellations

Cancellations will be accepted provided that notification is given in writing to the UA Career Development Center. Cancellations must be sent via e-mail or in writing to Trish Nicholson at recruit@uark.edu or UA Career Development Center, 607 ARKU, 1 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701 and must be received by the stated cancellation and refund deadlines listed below.

All Career Fair payments are due 10 business days prior to the fairs by 5pm. If payment is not made by that date, your career fair registration may be canceled and your organization will be charged a processing fee of 25% of the total amount of registration fees due.

If you must cancel your registration after payment is made, full refund will be made if requested in writing or via email by 5pm (CST) ten business days prior to the event. If cancellations are made after the 10 business day deadline, 75% of the total amount of registration fees paid will be refunded. No requests for refunds will be accepted after the scheduled career fair date.

  • Organizations with any outstanding fees will not be permitted to attend future career fairs, until their account is paid in full.
  • Organizations with outstanding fees will be sent two past-due notices. If the organization has not paid their account in full by the deadline date noted on the second notice, the past due invoice will be deferred to the University Treasurer's Office for collection.

No Shows

If a registration has been made and fees paid and your organization is a "no-show" for a career fair, registration fees will not be refunded or credited toward any future Career Fair.

Inclement Weather

Should inclement weather prevent an event from occurring on the scheduled date, the UA Career Development Center will attempt to reschedule the event. If the organization still chooses to participate on the rescheduled date, all fees, as well as, cancellation policies will apply. Due to organizations receiving exposure through the Career Development Center's website and due to expenses incurred in order to host the fair, if we cannot reschedule the event, a refund of 75% of the total amount of registration fees paid will be refunded to the registered organizations. In addition, upon your notification and request to our office, if your organization cannot attend the rescheduled event, a refund of 75% of the total amount of registration fees paid will be refunded to your organization.

No-show, no cancellation, or companies that cannot attend due to inclement weather in their area will incur a 100% registration fee charge, as well as any other applicable charges based on the original registration request (extra tables, electricity, additional representatives, etc). Failure to pay will prevent the organization from registering for future events until full payment is made.

Please consult the following for official news regarding the event status/schedule:


If you need an accommodation to fully participate in this event, please contact the University Career Development Center at 479-575-2805 or email recruit@uark.edu.

The University of Arkansas is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

Handshake Posting Approval Policy for Employers

A primary objective of the University of Arkansas Career Development Center (CDC) or Walton Career Services (WCS) is to support employers in their efforts to recruit and hire UA students. View the policy to learn about the University of Arkansas' job posting approval process in Handshake.

Offer Guidelines and Policies for Employers

We ask that all employers adhere to our hiring guidelines and policies when extending offers to students.